As you’ve probably read on our herd management page, we have some goals here in high quality nutrition for our goats as they feed us.  We are working on a natural and chemical free approach as much as possible.  Below are some of the things that we do here.  Keep in mind that everyone has their ‘right’ way of doing things for them.
During the hay shortage of 2012/13 we decided to give Chaffhaye a try as we were impressed with the reports of the quality of product and milk production increase.Admittedly, part of what drove the decision was the hay prices that winter.  Prices were running around $9/bale for low quality 50lb bales of grass hay.After making arrangements to gain the use of a Bobcat, we put in our first order for Chaffhaye.  We immediately started mixing it in to our current feed routine, and by a couple days they were wanting more.  In a short time, friends were commenting that the goats looked the best that they ever had, with nice shiny coats in a winter that was following droughts and poor hay.I could go on an on about all the good things we experience on this product, and may add more as time goes on and we’ve had a longer chance to work with this product.  We continue to use it due to the quality of product.  We’ve found that it is excellent for the llamas also.Our clients raise a variety of animals, such as deer, horses, and sheep.  All have reported good results.  The horse boarding facility uses it because of it’s consistency over regular hay, which keeps one of the horses from foundering that normally would on hay due to changes in protein between different bales.

Read more about Chaffhaye from their website, and contact us if you’d like more information or would like to purchase some for your farm.

All of our animals (even the poultry) are fed grains that are grown without the use of GMO seeds or any pesticides.  We purchase our grains straight from the farms that grow them in order to support local farmers where possible. We typically only give grains to the goats on the milk stand, whether being milked or when hooves are being trimmed.
We currently supplement our feed regimen with Thorvin Kelp and herbals from Land of Havilah Farm.  We also provide loose minerals to ensure the goats have access to salt and minerals.